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Head Coach

Born in 1970 Batley West Yorkshire,  England

Playing career:

Played at stand off for Batley Boys high school;

Played for Batley boys as a winger;

Played for Mirfield Stags as a winger;

Played for Chester RL as a centre;

Refereed in the North West of England for 3 seasons.

Done promotional work for RL and written articles for rugby league express in the UK.

His all time team is: 

1 Andrew Ettinghausen | 2 Chica Ferguson | 3 Gene Miles | 4 Paul Newlove  | 5 Eric Grothe | 6 Tony Myler | 7 Andrew John's | 8 Kevin Ward | 9 Benny Elias | 10 Adrian Morley | 11 Noel Cleal | 12 Craig Izzard | 13 Ellery Hanley

Ian Giddings
Mitar Boskovic



Assistant Coach

Mitar was born in the 1989 in Podgorica. He was a member of the national Montenegrin union team many times, and even coached it. After the first rugby league team was formed in Montenegro he became the coach as well. After the Montenegro Rugby League Federation was formed, he was elected to be the head coach for the national team.

An experienced player, with understanding of the game and the requirements of a successful outcome. His understanding of the game has raised the team to a higher level. His voice helps the team implement the set pieces and practises the sessions. His primary positions are five-eighth and full-back, but he can also play prop and centre.



Team Captain

Started playing rugby in 2011, and in 2012 became the captain of the RC "Arsenal". His first position was a wing, and at that time his career as a soccer player was coming to an end. He started playing for the national rugby union team in 2012, and was playing for Vojvodina couple of times as a help player as well.

In the rugby league he is also a captain of the RLC "Arsenal". He was also a captain of the "South Region", a first club to play rugby league in Montenegro, and now became a captain of the national rugby league team. His position in the rugby league is fly-half. He is quick and shifty, and has a good decision making ability, which makes him one of the best rugby players in the national rugby league team and generally in rugby in Montenegro.



They are fast and shifty! Without them we would never score a try.

Goran Vujović
Fullback / Five-Eighth

Goran is a rugby player that was born in South Africa but has played rugby for Montenegro since 2014.  His rugby knowledge and understanding of the game helps his teammates and gameplay to increase the bar.

Ilija Ivanović
Wing / Hooker

Ilija managed to grow and develop as a player in his games for the club. He has started on the wing position, but with his devotion and dedication to rugby has managed to develop skills in various positions.

Burim Brahimi
Wing / Centre

A strong ball carrier with the ability to adapt to the

gameplay. He is able to adapt to match awareness situations.

Boban Banjević
Centre / Prop

An experienced player with understanding of the

basics of the game, and the key aspects that need to be improved. 

Started playing rugby in a high school in the USA. One of our strongest player, who can adapt to many different positions. 

Wing / Centre

An experienced player, with the history of rugby

games, more than capable to adapt and fit in the needs of the team. Very successful

in the requirements of the game, often extending the extra effort.

Srđan Popović
Halfback / Hooker

Team captain and the most experienced player in our team squad. Best tackler and best awareness of the game. He understands the requirements of the game, and often does exceptionally well.

Mitar Bošković
Five-eighth / Full-back / Prop

The coach and an experienced player, with understanding of the game and the requirements of a successful outcome. His understanding of the game has raised the team to a higher level, but needs to work on his core skills. His voice helps the team implement the set pieces and practises the sessions.

Luka Stošić
Centre / Hooker

A young player that has managed to grasp the understanding of the requirements of the game, and exceed them. He is showing dedication, devotion and passion for the game.


A young player with the excellent movement, huge speed and sharp direction shift. His play style and adaptiveness allows for the huge variety of tactics and fast decission making.


They are the backbone of our team! Without them we would have no defence.

Bojan Mizdalo
Prop / Second-row / Hooker

One of our most complete players, with understanding of the game requirements. Bojan is able to adapt, improvise, and perform in the position required from him.

Redžo Baljaj
Prop / Second-row

A player that is able to fulfil any position requirements set for him. Strong in contact, and being able to help the rest of his team.

Igor Adzaip
Prop / Second-row

Strong carrier of the ball, with the ability to exploit the weaknesses of the defence of the opposition. Strong in the contact and good ball handler.

Janko Milović
Prop / Second-row

Janko is a player that is a strong ball carrier that demonstrates high levels of engagement when interacting with other players. His strength in contact makes him a threat to any other team.

Elvis Cenaj
Prop / Second-row

Elvis is a strong ball carrier that shows an understanding of the game, and requirements of the same. He is able to adapt to the level required for successful outcome.

Jovan Petrovic

Player with a lot of experience. His height makes him good at spotting the shift in the defence of the opposition. Strong in contact and really good defender.


Player with a lot of experience. He's physically one of the stronger players, with huge durability. A heavy hitter and a good defender.